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This page is to learn you to get the most out of Metro Mentoring Platform. 

This first course is to get familiar to the mentor section of the online platform, and what to do so that mentees can invite you for guidance. Mentoring is very cool and fulfilling to do. But first get started with 3 light and small courses to learn to use the powerful platform.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

For everybody who want to learn more about how to use the Metro Mentoring Platform as mentor. If you have done a training course with MentesMe on social styles and iGROW it is a recap on lessons learned, or just to get started.

Enjoy and click for a first impression on the video below!

Video afspelen

Learning journey - 3 steps of the Mentor

After a user of the platform set out a challenge you will get an in-app notification that ‘somebody’ is asking for help.

Asking for help is already big step for a lot of people. I is now your turn, and think about offering your help on this challenge. If you click on the notification you will be guided to the section: My Talents. You have the choice to select that challenge as a ‘Talent’ of yourself. Mentees will be able to see you then as a mentor, and you can aspect to get invites from mentees. You have no obligation to accept requests. Give the mentee a friendly reply, and react on the request: Accept or not.

Seen the below video. Have fun.

Video 5 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

Mentor offers help on Metro

Login to and go to Match & Grown. Click on the section My Mentees. You will see 4 tabs:

  1. Active
  2. Not started yet
  3. To accept
  4. Finished

After a request you will get an email, and also a in-app notification which will direct you straight to the correct location in Metro. 

This subpage will also be very useful if you have more mentees: every mentee will be listed in 1 of the 4 sections. The ‘Not started yet’ section is for iGROWs that you have accepted, but the mentee has not done anything yet in the iGROW. A good idea is the give an in-app chat message to the mentee if you can help, getting started. 

See the video for some guidance on this stage.

Video 5 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

Mentor accepts invite of mentee on Metro

You have accepted the iGROW and the mentee is working on his challenge. Now the real mentoring starts. Please give us a sign if we can help you on the mentoring itself.

You can request a mentor workshop or a online course on mentoring. But if you are a already experienced mentor or coach: Go activate your mentee. You will get in-app notifications when a mentee makes progress in an iGROW.

Have fun and keep mentoring.

Video 5 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

Mentor offers help in chat on Metro

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