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This page is to learn you to get the most out of Metro Mentoring Platform as mentee.

Lets guide you trough the first simple 3 steps on how to use the online platform. 

Completing this course will help you to:

Who is the course for?

For everybody who want to learn more about how to use the Metro Mentoring Platform as mentee. If you have done a trainingcourse with MentesMe on social styles and iGROW it is a recap on lessons learned, or just to get started.

Enjoy and click for a first impression on the video below!

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Learning journey - 3 steps of the mentee

The start of your journey is to decide on a challenge or goal to achieve. See the video below how you can add a challenge. Try to be as precise as you can, but later with your mentor you will finetune it. However mentors should be able to decide if they want / can help you on this challenge. So do your best!

Video 2 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

Add challenge or competence

You have taken the first step and set out a challenge. Mentors in your group now get in-app notification that a mentee has a new challenge. For the mentor it is a trigger to decide to offer help on this challenge. They will be asked to make themselves known as a mentor on this challenge. 

So you go to Match & Grow on, and to My Mentors. Click on the challenge/competence you want a mentor on. To the right you will see all mentors who have offered help on this challenge. Browse through them, look at their profiles and if you are confident invite one. 

If the mentor does not react on your invite you can send on the same spot a reminder. The mentor will get an in-app and email of your request. 

Video 2 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

Invite mentor by Mentee on Metro

You know now how to login to and created a new goal or competence to grow on. You have connected a mentor by inviting him/her, and she/he has accepted you. A very important step for the mentor because by accepting your invite she/he agrees on helping you. Use his/her time wise.

So now it is time to start your iGROW. Go to Match and Grow, and then to My Mentors. To the left you see competences you have selected to be a ‘Challenge’. Click on the competence you have invite a mentor on. Then see to the right Start iGROW. 

You are all set now. See the instructional video below. Good luck!

Start the new iGROW on Metro

Video 2 Min  + 1 Min read to complete

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